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AIFINITY HOLDING is a company that develops and implements high-tech projects for companies and organizations (non-profit, non-government) worldwide. The projects are located in the business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-government (B2G) markets. AIFINTIY HOLDING supports industries that are currently advancing digital transformation.


digital infrastructure

AIFINITY HOLDING is a company connecting you with state-of-the art technologies and companies, which can guarantee a smooth and continuous ramp-up of infrastructure and production facilities. Infrastructure and suprastructure are terms introduced by the United Nations (UN). Infrastructure planning (project competency), realization (implementation competency), and maintenance (service competency) form a core responsibility of a company. In the course of private-public partnerships (PPP) for state-owned infrastructure and production facilities, privately owned companies are entrusted with these tasks in cooperation with governments, organizations (non-profit, non-government), and other enterprises.

AIFINITY HOLDING offers its know-how and an international network of companies in the area of infrastructure measures, including conceptualization, realization, and transfer of related know-how. These activities are conducted in close cooperation with local partners and companies.



information technology

At the beginning of the 21st century information and telecommunication technologies have reached acceptance as core technologies for almost all areas of life. Today, the question is no longer, if these technologies shall be used, but how effectively these technologies are founded in the economy.

AIFINTIY HOLDING offers its know-how using partnerships with international information and IT full service providers. In the course of our projects, reliability and quality are given prominence. The AIFINTIY HOLDING know-how covers all project phases, starting with the project conceptualization and planning, followed by the project realization, up to know-how transfer and onsite training for our project partners.

AIFINTIY HOLDING provides international-level services for information and digital transformation technologies in the core areas of business.


AI driven technology

The global market place Internet, with its variety of web and mobile web services, can nowadays be used to create growth opportunities and unique selling propositions. These opportunities can be used by private companies to enter a long term growth path, e.g. in the fields of digital transformation and E-Commerce. In addition they can be used by government and organizations to identify and foster growth opportunities for a successful development of the entire economy.

The innovative strength of the Internet as platform for communication and business processes at the beginning of the 21st century requires companies to always be informed about current innovations and trends in internet business, mobile web, and information technology.

With its SocializerHub® driven technology web and media services AIFINITY HOLIDNG offers organizations and companies a thorough portfolio in the area of web and social media competences. These services cover the following portfolio elements:

  • Access to a high-performance information network for organizations and companies, to obtain exclusive information on markets and firms.
  • Support of organizations and companies in the conceptualization and implementation of digital value and supply chains, such as for e-business and e-commerce.
  • With our network of competence we can guarantees to provide this know-how at highest quality und exclusivity for our customers.


digital marketing

Digital marketing and the presentation of advanced technology offerings with unique selling propositions (USP) guaranties a high growth potential of the local providers in the national and international environment.

AIFINITY HOLDING offers support in the development of professional marketing strategies including Social Media and E-Commerce. Visibility in the international arena can be created for small to large size companies and organizations. To reach this target, AIFINITY HOLDING offers know-how and services in the following business fields:

Development of national and international digital marketing strategies and their presentation in sales networks and platforms with our exclusive SocializerHub® Solutions technology.

Development of brand management strategies to increase the awareness in digital networks including online marketing campaigns.

Development of brand management strategies to increase the awareness in digital and non-digital networks.

Conceptualization, development, and implementation of publicity campaigns on national and international level, including know-how transfer.

Providing know-how in the field of social networks and new media (digital production).

Innovation, Know-how Transfer and Training

AIFINITY HOLDING stands for continuity and long term partnerships on international level. Quality and innovation can only be established, when projects are not only executed successfully, but when this know-how is made available to our partners.

AIFINITY HOLDING views it as one of its core responsibilities, to include the transfer of know-how through onsite trainings in the project plan. In addition, plans for training and access to international know-how after project completion are being developed together with our project partners.  This is to guarantee our partners can independently continue and further develop the projects realized by AIFINITY HOLDING.

To reach this target, our specialists in the area of know-how transfer and education develop detailed international-level training and education concepts together with our project partners.



In defining projects, AIFINITY HOLDING views calculation of profitability and a sound business model as a necessary base, to ensure a lasting success in operational business for our partners.

AIFINITY HOLDING supports companies and organizations (non-profit, non-government) with the development and realization of custom-tailored business and process models.

You have completed the strategic planning for your business. Now it is decisive to come from a technically feasible solution to a sound business model. For this goal commercial processes of a service provider or supplier of managed services are key. Focus is on the entire value chain, starting from order management up to invoicing processes (order to cash process).



We help to develop and realize a business model tailored to your needs. Our special attention is given to optimum interfaces between customers, partners, and suppliers.

Our offers for growth, profitability and sustainability AIFINITY HOLDING provides services in the following areas:

  • Development, implementation and optimization of order to cash (O2C) processes, from ordering to invoicing
  • Integration of international niche suppliers for billing solutions (e.g. for mobile voice services)
  • Support with the development of a service catalogue with service packages and billing units suited for an automated and reliable commercial handling
  • Support with the development of a partner strategy, allowing to reduce the investment risk while growing with the market
  • Realization of a risk and opportunity management to safeguard your economic success
  • Development and realization of a commercial dashboard with key indicators and ratios to steer your business

Our business portfolio for you

SocializerHub® Solutions - Next level Social Media Marketing

State-of-the art solution driven digital Marketing

Data Driven Platform Solution

Next level of smart data and cognitive data analytics

Software as a service business information platforms

24/7 and 365 days SaaS business web solutions

Data center as a service solutions

Big Data and smart data E-Commerce and web solution platforms

With its international network of core competences AIFINTIY HOLDING LTD guarantees the transfer of exclusive know-how for the planning and implementation of infrastructure and technology projects. In this process we cover the entire value chain of project and know-how development, from project planning and implementation, up to know-how transfer to our local partners.
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