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The homepage of bloggers, private individuals and companies is – and this can be observed for about half a year – currently subjected to a real redesign cycle. But not, as some years ago, this true flood of Redesigns concerns only one trend, again new technologies in the own Web appearance to introduce, but the trend, which one could call simplification and slimming down of luxuriant Web appearances.

Specialists are slowly asserting themselves

It can also be said that some companies are now investing money in far better content, better digital communication and image worlds. Certainly the mobile trend – or to put it another way – the pressure from ever better and larger mobile phones and tablets is also playing a role. However, it is clear that investing in social media and content marketing professionals has great benefits for all stakeholders in terms of reach and branding.

Online editorial offices are replacing classic advertising

It can also be observed that bloggers, content marketing specialists and social media experts are currently in great demand when it comes to establishing and advancing uniform and stringent digital communication. The online editorial departments of publishers and newspapers are slowly falling behind when it comes to being the first to disseminate the new information in social or microblogging systems (Twitter). Bloggers and content specialists – in my opinion – have better and more effective sources from which they can draw. And above all, they master the technologies necessary to do so.

Change from the homepage to the information centre of the company

Responsive design, social media communication and advertising – what has not already been written about ways to use these methods to achieve a better ranking of the homepage. But especially after the last changes of the Google algorithm many of these experts have to realize that it is the presented information and not only keyword densities and cleverly hidden advertising messages that are important. In all the projects I have carried out, I have identified four key characteristics that must be met in order to achieve effective and efficient digital communication with target audiences:

  • Increased brand awareness and the associated opinion leadership in the daily industry information environment,
  • Establishing and increasing interaction with customers, partners and interested parties and the associated competence building as an innovator in the industry environment,
  • positioning as a high-quality and trustworthy business partner and news provider and
  • the identification of added value potentials for the company by taking a top position within the online presence.

In my opinion, future websites will look more like Flipboard or Pinterest than today’s extensive websites and homepages. So there is still a lot of work to be done until we really read everything again when we have found it on the internet.




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