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To communicate information today in the right place and at the right time means competence. All methods of digital marketing are designed to generate attention from interaction and to create sales potential. Having opinion leadership in the (digital) environment guarantees a constant flow of inquiries and attracts interested parties.

Data and data analysis

Data is regarded as the new oil of the economy. However, data in the form of BigData does not generate any added value by itself; only data analyses, which ideally bring such data to life in real time, show the success. Our analyses use state-of-the-art technologies that combine classical and cognitive analysis to evaluate and optimize a company’s digital communication. We have developed methods to effectively harness the ever-growing amount of relevant information for your business.

Cognitive Computing

Understanding digital communication in real time means learning which influencers influence their target groups. Cognitive computing goes far beyond pure statistics. SocializerHub© integrates more than 17 digital marketing methods as semi- or fully automated processes. Thus their marketing communication is adapted to the habits of their target groups and customers and not vice versa.

Information and processes

Our real-time editorial systems support marketing and sales in planning and controlling. Digital marketing methods must, therefore, be scalable and have as their goal opinion leaders in their digital environment. SocializerHub© guarantees an optimized publication process through continuous analysis and evaluation.

Framework conditions and solutions for medium-sized businesses

Is there a market for my products? How is my brand perceived? Where are my target markets? Who influences the formation of opinion in my target markets? Where can I find sales potential in the digital environment? How can I grow? These are the questions that concern management, marketing and sales today.

With SocializerHub© we not only show growth potentials but also address target markets and target groups, even where trends are just emerging. Our classic and cognitive real-time analyses are an integral part of every consultation. Our methods learn your products and the way of your digital communication. Every type of content is presented in an optimized way, filtered and placed exactly where influencers read it – and here the time when the publication takes place also plays a decisive role. Opinion leadership today is the means and the added value to gain information sovereignty over your competitors. Our methods combine several technologies to analyze the real perception of your brands and to reposition them in a constantly changing market environment. We, therefore, focus on the following target areas of marketing and its current requirements:

  • Identification of target markets for your products and services
  • Identification of potentials and optimized digital methods for market access
  • Organic growth through competence in digital communication

Through our learning systems, we can provide a completely new way of observing the competition. Growth potentials today lie in the area of early recognition of new target groups, the way people communicate digitally today and in the area of scalability of offers for their target groups in real time. Our solutions are industry-independent. We work for Startups, FinTech, Healthcare, Retail and the middle class in the area of digital marketing and digital transformation.








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With its international network of core competences AIFINTIY HOLDING LTD guarantees the transfer of exclusive know-how for the planning and implementation of infrastructure and technology projects. In this process we cover the entire value chain of project and know-how development, from project planning and implementation, up to know-how transfer to our local partners.
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